The HfM orchestra

We place a great deal of emphasis on orchestral performance. All students on artistic courses must play in an orchestra from the third semester onwards, except during their exam semester. Appointments to the HfM orchestra are made by the main subject teachers, or by self-registration.

The orchestra has its own set of rules, which all students are required to follow. Each semester is divided into either one or two phases, consisting of preliminary rehearsals for string and wind players, followed by a week of daily rehearsals. Each project is approached in a different way, but one phase normally comprises one to three concerts or two to four opera performances.

 The winter semester includes the following:

  • A semester concert (approximately two performances; also oratorio)
  • A family concert (combined with the semester concert)
  • A New Year’s concert (two performances).

 The summer semester comprises: 

  • A semester/examination concept (approximately two performances; also oratorio)
  • An opera project (two to four performances at the Landestheater)
  • Smaller projects (such as a chamber orchestra and chamber opera) and external concerts. The HfM orchestra is also available for church music examinations (e.g. one date per semester) and occasional practice for conducting students.