Musician's Health

Music is good for you! And yet professional music-making over many years can also have a detrimental effect on your health and quality of life. Physical and emotional wellbeing are vital prerequisites for musicians in order for them to realise their artistic potential and successfully manage their professional day-to-day lives, all the way through their careers.

The cornerstones of our work in the Musicians' Health Centre are:

  • Prevention of misuse and overuse
  • Strengthening of personal resources
  • Guidance in self-help
  • Individual attention in the case of music-related complaints, music medicine issues, and emotional/psychological strain.

The idea behind the Musicians' Health Centre

With its diverse range of advisory services, courses and teaching on offer, the university supports - alongside general health promotion - physiologically-orientated musical education and the development of its students' personal strengths. Its goals are effective prevention and a simpler implementation of the technical and artistic requirements of music-making. Our events can help train not only coordination, body awareness and endurance but also stress management and performance anxiety. Tailored to the particular needs of instrumentalists and singers, science-based practices involving physiotherapy, music and sports medicine converge, along with holistic physical techniques, movement methods, recognised relaxation techniques and presentation training methods. The events offered by the Musicians' Health Centre are free of charge for students of Detmold University of Music. Only individual treatments incur a small charge.

Students of the Detmolder Jungstudierenden-Instituts (DJI - Detmold Young Students Institute) have their own workshop and seminar programme.

Our contact details

Neustadt 20
32756 Detmold
Tel.: 05231-3051259

Seminars und practical courses

Click below to visit our affiliated website and find detailed information about everything the Musicians' Health Centre has to offer: Seminars and courses

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Seminars and courses:

Music physiology 1 - Aspects of musicians' health (= Music physiology module 1)
Music physiology 2 - Day-to-day stress management for musicians
Vocal physiology 1
Applied vocal physiology and phoniatrics (= Vocal physiology module 2).

Body techniques - Movement and Breathing:

Yoga for musicians
Alexander Technique
Tai-Chi - Qi Gong
Music and breathing

Stage presentation:

Stage presence and platform presentation for instrumentalists
Body and stage presentation

Fitness und Sport:

Fitness machine training with the instruction and support of a physiotherapist
Further sporting activities are made available by the university German Students' Committee (AStA). Visit

Music medicine clinic

A music medicine clinic is available for university students and tutors, and also for external musicians. Appointments can be made by telephone (05231-3051259) or by email. For university members and for students on affiliated courses, appointments are free of charge. If required, a referral will be made to further professionals in the field, including the Music Medicine Network for the Detmold region, consisting of doctors, physiotherapists and psychotherapists who are concerned with problems specific to musicians. Please make contact with the Musicians' Health Centre if you experience any music-related physical or psychological difficulties or have any questions regarding prevention.

Psychosocial support for students

Professional psychosocial assistance is available to all students of the university, providing support in difficult situations and in times of crisis. Student life isn't always plain sailing! Problems and crises are part of it too. Maybe you feel overwhelmed and unable to cope alone in these moments.
Other issues which for which psychosocial support could be valuable:

  • Problems with study and work
  • Restrictions in life quality or ability to study
  • Personal crises
  • Relationship problems
  • Loneliness
  • Failures
  • Unwanted pregnancy

This service is available to all students regardless of nationality, religion or denomination. Counselling is provided by trained psychologists and confidentiality is guaranteed. English and french-speaking counsellors are also on hand. Sessions are free of charge for all clients and complete discretion can be assumed.

Address: Ev. Beratungszentrum, Lortzingstraße 6, 32756 Detmold

Telephone: 05231/99280 (Mon-Fri 9-11am; Tues 4-6pm; Thurs 4-6pm)

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