1. Requirements:

To be able to download a certificate, you must have a user account in the IDM of HfM Detmold (
Here you can find out how to get an account and how to reset your password.

2. Applying for a certificate:

To apply for a certificate, log in here with your user data. After successful login, the available “Anwendungen” (applications) are displayed in the form of tiles. One of these tiles is “Hochschulzertifikat” (university certificate). You can also find it by searching for “eduroam” or “Zertifikat” (certificate).

3. Downloading the certificate:

To download the certificate you applied for, now go to

4. Installing the certificate:

Please note that only the systems listed below are officially supported. Installation varies depending on the operating system used:

Detmold University of Music is part of the 'Education Roaming (eduroam)' initiative. As a student, teacher or employee you can use the network of all participating universities to access the internet.

The following instructions should help you to set up this internet connection on your own devices. If you have trouble, our Wifi Support Officer is available to help:

Nikolas Böhm
Neustadt 22
32756 Detmold

Opening times (summer semester 2017):

Wednesday 13.30 - 15.30
Thursday 14.30 - 16.30

Tel.: 05231 975-931
(during opening times)


Login and installation of 'eduroam' wifi network:

1.) Access the IDM
2.) Fill in the form under 'selfregistration'
3.) WAIT for Wifi Support to check your data
4.) Activation will be confirmed via email
5.) Compile and receive the certificate according to these instructions
6.) Install certificate according to these instructions
7.) Set up the proxy ""

Important: If you have already registered before with the Detmold University of Music Identity Manager, no further account can be activated via 'selfregistration'.

If you have forgotten your username and/or your password, please contact Wifi Support. Your username can be sent to you, and your password changed as necessary.

Advice regarding the use of email programmes (Outlook, Thunderbird)

To send emails from an email programme in 'eduroam', the SMTP outgoing server '' must be used.

Port: 25

Encryption: Non-SSL

If your device is connected to the 'eduroam' network, but no internet connection can be made, the problem almost always lies with the proxy setting.

The proxy address for automatic configuration is: ''