Mission statement

Members and associates of the Detmold University of Music, comprising students, teaching staff and management, devised this mission statement together. Their agreement carries responsibility for life and work at the University and the maintaining of its resources.

Identity statement and remit

The University unites artistic, pedagogical and academic expertise. As members and associates of the university, we unite the preservation of our musical and cultural heritage with innovative action. We see music as an indispensable part of society and rise to the challenges arising from cultural diversity and fundamental social change. We make our contribution to this through education and through the power of artistic musical creativity. The benchmark for our actions is artistic, pedagogical and academic excellence and understanding.

Internal impact

Education, support and personal development are at the centre of learning and teaching. The university offers its students qualifications of the highest level. The courses on offer aim to provide to a comprehensive musical education, strong professional competence, and practical relevance. They serve to foster a judicious sense of responsibility in the students, along with an ability to refine and strengthen their whole personalities. This should enable them to find a life path appropriate to their musical affinities and skills.

External impact

We see ourselves as a cooperative university, whose activities resonate into national and international cultural life, and also as a central promoter of the arts, impacting the city and surrounding region. Our campus university is characterised by a friendly and open-minded atmosphere in a green and leafy setting. We react creatively to change and developments in cultural life, adjusting the profile of our training as necessary.


At the university we attach great importance to the participation of different groups in the opinion-forming process, and to transparent decision-making. Those in positions of responsibility and leadership take great care to ensure that university life is marked by healthy working conditions and a trusting spirit of cooperation. Through mutual recognition of our skills and reciprocal appreciation, we create an atmosphere in which authenticity, creativity and diversity all have their place. Openness, willingness to help, and tolerance on all levels and between all groups form the natural foundations for this.

(This mission statement was ratified by the senate of the Detmold University of Music on 19.05.2015.)