Perform it!

Our school offers you a broad spectrum of artistic training. Whether as a soloist, chamber musician or orchestral player, we nurture your individual potential from the very first semester. Singers have the opportunity to stand on stage from day one, and church musicians and organists have four magnificent instruments at their disposal. 

Teach it!

Quality music education is more in demand than ever before. Not only class teachers are important, but also instrumental and singing teachers. It is particularly important to keep communicating the value of music in our society, beginning with children. This is the goal of our Elementary Music Education and Music Outreach and Management courses.

Produce it!

'Producing' music has two meanings to us: recording or composing. In order to produce music as faithfully as possible, both the technical facilities and strong artistic understanding are necessary. Students on the Sound Engineering course at our internationally-renowned Erich-Thienhaus-Institut work closely with the music performance faculty. Our composition department is breaking new ground in fields such as sound mass and improvisation.

Research it!

The Musicology department of Detmold/Paderborn, with its adjoining research domain in digital publishing practice, creates the optimal link between theory and practice. For teacher training we collaborate with Paderborn University where you can study your academic subsidiary subject.