Music Acoustics

Degrees Master of Science (M.Sc), Promotion (Dr.)    
Start Master of Science Music Acoustics (only winter semester) and Promotion (winter and summer semester)    
Master in Music Acoustics Standard duration of degree: 4 Semesters (completion of a bachelor's or diploma degree program in music broadcasting / Tonmeister or a comparable, relevant subject area; aptitude test)    
Doctoral Program "Music Acoustics" Standard duration of degree: 6 semesters (requirements: completion of a master or diploma degree program in broadcasting / Tonmeister, M.Sc. “Music Acoustics"or the study of a comparable subject area)    
Program Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Malte Kob    
Professor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Malte Kob (theory of music transmission)    
Other teachers Dr. Timo Grothe (Music Acoustics, acoustics lab, scientific methods)    

The international master’s programme  “Master of Science Music Acoustics” and the doctoral programme “Music Acoustics” address the acoustic dimensions of making music. Key aspects include the generation of sound, the interaction between music, the instrument, the room and the listener as well as measuring technology for musical instruments. Students are expected to participate in research and development projects. Own projects will be presented and discussed at national conferences such as the “Jahrestagung für Akustik" (DAGA – Annual German Conference on Acoustics) and the Autumn Workshop of Fachausschuss “Musikalische Akustik” (FAMA – Music Acoustics Committee) of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (DEGA – German Acoustical Society). A two-semester course on musical acoustics completes the “Acoustics” module of the “Tonmeister” Bachelor program. A regular exchange with the artistic study courses takes place as part of “wfs-Spielräume”, a special concert series for the Hochschule’s unique wave field synthesis system. During their studies, students benefit not only from high-class recording and reproduction equipment but also from acoustic measurement technology as well as an electronics and audio laboratory, echo chamber, free-field room and a wave field synthesis studio. Regular excursions provide insights into the academic work at other music acoustics institutes (IRCAM Paris, IWK Vienna, HaW Hamburg) and into the manufacture of musical instruments. A wide range of career options at the interface between music and science is available to graduates of the programme. These include instrument making, acoustics consulting and sound design.

Winter semester

Master Music Acoustics: 15.02. - 15.03.

Summer semester (application possible, start only in winter semester)

Master Music Acoustics: 01.10. - 01.11.

If you need a visa for the aptitude test, please remember to take care of it in time. If you need a pre-invitation or certain documents for the visa application from the university, please contact the university early in the application process.

Apply to the Detmold University of Music via the online platform muvac.

  • First, create your muvac applicant profile with as detailed information as possible.
  • Then, if there are vacancies, select the course you are aiming for directly in muvac under Institutions - Detmold University of Music. It is important that you upload all of your application documents and your video for the pre-selection (if required for your degree program). Check beforehand that your video meets all requirements.
  • A processing fee of EUR 50.00 will be charged for the application. Please note: Refunds are not possible.

Important: Finally, please check your e-mail inbox to see whether you have received a confirmation e-mail. You will be informed about the status of your application via muvac.

You can find the prospective dates of the aptitude tests here.

The aptitude test consists of a practical exam and an interview to determine whether the candidate is suitable and motivated enough to achieve the goal of the course independently and responsibly, and that he or she meets the necessary aptitude requirements. In specific, the examination consists of:

  • Written test  in signal processing and sound analysis, basic knowledge in acoustics (duration approx. 30 minutes)
  • Audition on your main instrument, two compositions from different style epochs (duration approx. 10 minutes) if no proof of proficiency (e.g. aptitude test) is available
  • Aural training and music theory oral (basic knowledge technical and musical, duration approx. 10 minutes)
  • Colloquium: Questions about musical and technical acoustics as well as organology
  • Aptitude test for certain elective modules (optional)

Prerequisite is proof of a successfully completed study programme with a Bachelor's degree or diploma in a degree programme specialising in Sound Transmission or Sound Engineering / "Tonmeister" or in a comparable relevant subject (Acoustics, Physics, Communication Engineering) as well as a special scientific qualification for the Master's in Music Acoustics.

Applications for admission to the Master's programme in Music Acoustics must be submitted with the application forms provided before the deadline set by the examination office of HfM Detmold. The application must be accompanied by:

  • Tabular Curriculum Vitae
  • Written cover letter explaining the choice of this study programme as well as information on musical, scientific or technical background
  • In addition, musical-artistic skills have to be proven, e.g., by a passed aptitude test for a musical/artistic degree programme, a passed church music C exam or similar evidence. If these proofs are not available, an audition on an instrument is to be taken in the aptitude test.
  • Examination of the general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification
  • Proof of a completed Bachelor's or diploma degree programme (see above)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (Oral and written TOEFL (550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, 80 Internet-based) or IELTS 6.0)

On the basis of the documents submitted above, the study program management decides in agreement with the Examinations Office whether the applicant is admitted for participation in the aptitude test.

For questions we are at your disposal. Visit us at the usual office hours or write an e-mail to:


The program director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Malte Kob will answer questions regarding the content of the programs.