Student Advisory Service

The student advisor works at the Student Services Department. She assists and supports students in all phases of their studies. You can contact her for all questions regarding your studies. Counselling is available in German and English.

The student advisor offers information and advice in the following areas:

Prospective students:

  • Study courses offered at HfM Detmold
  • Course selection (identification of personal interests and career plans)
  • Admission requirements, application procedures and aptitude tests


  • Counselling of new students (taking of classes, orientation at the university)
  • Consultation on the recognition of study results
  • Questions concerning the study and examination regulations
  • Advice on course-related matters (studying options, change of subjects, etc.)
  • Search for the right contact persons at the university
  • Contact to external advice centres

International matters:

  • Support of international students (information on German lessons and examinations, staying in Germany, etc.)
  • Information on studying abroad and Erasmus+
  • Support of incoming and outgoing Erasmus students

The position of Student advisory is currently vacant. You are therefore currently welcome to contact the CIS in person, by telephone or by e-mail.

+49 (0) 5231 975 - 774

Willi-Hofmann-Straße 5 | 32756 Detmold

Here you can find two helpful tutorials about recognition of study results and our study plan: