Härtefallregelung (Hardship clause):

The Arts Colleges Act stipulates that the students’ financial means must also be taken adequately into account when setting the amount of the semester fee. This applies if students cannot pay the semester fee and there is no information how this problem can be solved. In such cases, the decision is made by the Rectorate of the university. 

Hörerstatus wechseln (Change of student status):

Enrolled students can change their student status at HfM Detmold. They can do so by submitting a signed application to the Student Services Department within the specified deadlines.

To reregister as a “new” full student (Ersthörer), you have to pay the semester fee as well as submit proof of insurance with a health insurance company.

As a “new” visiting student (Zweithörer) you only have to submit proof of enrolment from the university at which you are enrolled as a full student (Ersthörer) and pay a visiting student fee in the amount of EUR 100.00, if applicable. You will, however, also be informed about this by mail. 


The Hochschulsemester corresponds to the total number of semesters a student was or is matriculated in the area of application of the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany irrespective of the respective course.