Use and service

The music library provides sheet music, books, sound recordings, journals and digital media for the teaching activities at Detmold University of Music and for the researchers, teachers and students of the Musicology Seminar Detmold/Paderborn. In addition, anyone interested in music may use the library.

Everything you need to know about libraries in general can be found in the volume Bibliotheken für dummies (PDF, in German).

Procurement of sheet music for concerts

The music library procures the sheet music for the concerts of Detmold University of Music. Teachers please use the following order form:

Order form for the procurement of sheet music for concerts (in German)

Loan periods

Unless indicated otherwise, media of the music library may be borrowed for the following periods:

  • Books and sheet music: 4 weeks
  • CDs and DVDs: 4 weeks
  • Journals: cannot be borrowed

You can extend the loan periods via your library catalogue account.

New classification for books

Since 1 January 2020, our newly acquired books are registered and shelved using a new system:

Background: With the opening of the music library in 2015, the holdings of three libraries were pooled in the new building. Each of these libraries had its own shelving and call number system. Finding the book you are looking for can therefore sometimes be a little complicated. We will improve this situation in the medium term by assigning new call numbers. In the course of the next few years, every single book will hence get a new call number based on a uniform system.

Where is the book?

Given that we have pooled the holdings of three libraries and these libraries used very different call number systems, it can sometimes be difficult to find the book you are looking for. We have therefore created two overviews to make finding the books you are looking for a little easier:

You know the call number and want to know which shelf the book is on:
Where is the book?

You are looking for literature on a specific topic and want to browse the shelf:
Thematic overview

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you.

Shelving and classification system

The holdings of the music library are shelved according to the following system:

Sheet music (ground floor)

Books (1st and 2nd floor)

The book holdings of the university library and the musicology library are additionally indexed according to the “Systematik des Musikschrifttums” (system of music publications). You can search the library catalogue by entering the classification code in the “Notation Musikbibliothek” (music library notation) field:

Extending loan periods via smartphone

Anyone with an Android smartphone can now use an app to extend loan periods or display a list of currently borrowed media. Searching the library catalogue is also possible. Give the webOPAC app a try:

Interlibrary loan

Detailed information on interlibrary loans can be found here (in German).


Are you a student or teacher at Detmold University of Music? Do you have eduroam access at another university? Then you can find all information you need for using the eduroam WiFi network at Detmold University of Music here (in German).

A new WLAN for guests of the university is currently in the works and is expected to be available (again) in March 2022.

Laminating and binding

In cooperation with the AStA, we laminate and bind your documents. You can hand in your sheet music, term papers or theses at the information desk of the music library to have them bound for 2 euros. Protective covers for sheet music are available for €1.50. You can pick up your documents on the next day.

Copying & scanning

Special terms and conditions apply to the reproduction (copying, scanning etc.) of sheet music. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Musikinformationszentrum (in German).