Course reserve

At the request of teachers, media on a topic or course can be compiled in the music library and made available as a course reserve for the duration of a semester. Further information (in German) can be found here.

You can find the following course reserves on the 1st floor in the music library:

Frau Prof.'in Arnold Joppich Literaturliste

Herr Prof. Dr. Brenk  Literaturliste

Herr Prof. Dr. Englbrecht  Literaturliste

Frau Prof. Dr. Grotjahn

Karrierezentrum Literaturliste

Frau Prof.'in Kohler Literaturliste

Herr Spieker

Frau Prof.'in Spiekerman Literaturliste

Frau Terpitz Literaturliste

Herr Tiemann Literaturliste