Unternehmen: Musik

Competition Unternehmen: Musik

The “Unternehmen: Musik” competition promotes the combination of musical expertise with entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Its aim is to award students who are developing a project idea or a start-up concept to the point where it is ready for implementation and can present their plans convincingly to a jury. Team applications are possible. The initiator of the competition is Prof. Dr. Arend Oetker, who also provides the prize money of up to €15,000 through the HfM Detmold Foundation.

A link to the current competition invitation can be found on the German website.

Under certain circumstances – especially if a project is aimed at international target groups – it is possible to participate in the competition in English. In this case, the documents in the first round have to be submitted in English and the presentation in the second round must also be held in English.   However, this has to be discussed with Mr Simon in advance and approved by the jury.

More information on the competition can be found on the German website.