Diverse Program Fund

The Diverse Program Fund supports the research and performance of excellent works by unknown composers.

It is initiated, financed and organised by the Equal Opportunities Commissioners of Detmold University of Music.

The aim of the Diverse Program Fund is to support the discovery, preparation and performance of works by diverse composers. In this way, we want to promote diversity as one of the criteria in the content of concerts and contribute to the expansion of the diverse repertoire. The Diverse Program Fund moreover encourages the examination and discovery of the individual attributes of unknown compositions and can lead to an interdisciplinary discourse about them between teachers and students.

According to Germany’s General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG), diversity refers to six characteristics: age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, religion/belief and sexual identity. Funding is therefore available for concerts by students or teachers of Detmold University of Music that include at least one work by underrepresented composers who identify as LGBTIQ or person of colour.

The Diverse Program Fund supports the sometimes expensive research by students and teachers with a grant of EUR 150 per concert programme.

Funding must be applied for at least four weeks before the concert. All applications will be examined promptly.

Do you have any questions about the Diverse Program Fund? We have included the most frequently asked questions in this PDF "Frequently Asked Questions" for you.

If you would like to submit an application for your concert, please complete the following form in full: