The core task of the Equal Opportunities Commissioners is to support the university in implementing equal opportunities for women and men and to work towards the elimination of existing disadvantages. The aim is to ensure that every individual has an equal opportunity to participate in studying, teaching and research as well as the administration of the university.

The Equal Opportunities Commissioners’ range of tasks includes the following activities: 

  • Advice at meetings of the Rectorate, Senate and Faculty Councils
  • Support of staff recruitments and appointments
  • Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Report on the work of the Equal Opportunities Commissioners and Commission
  • Advice on the preparation and implementation of the plan for the promotion of women
  • Development and elaboration of the equal opportunities concept with the Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Assistance in cases of gender-specific problems at the place of study or work
  • Support of measures to reconcile family life and work/studies
  • Information and assistance in cases of sexualised discrimination and violence


The Senate has adopted a guideline on fair conduct (Richtlinie zum partnerschaftlichen Verhalten), which sets out key principles against sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. The objective of this paper is to encourage all members of the university to value a positive climate as well as fair competition at the place of study and work. 

Another important component of the equal opportunities work at HfM Detmold is the equal opportunities concept (Gleichstellungskonzept).