Facts and Data

Rector Prof. Dr. Thomas Grosse
Vice rector (Artistic affairs) Prof. Godelieve Schrama
Vice rector (Study and teaching) Wolfgang Tiemann
Vice rector (Scientific and digital affairs) Prof. Dr. Aristotelis Hadjakos
Chancellor Hans Bertels
Establishment 1946
Number of employees 54 Professors, 75 administrative staff
Number of students 700
Nationalities 51
Course of study Detmold University of Music offers its students the full range of courses of a classic musicians’ education:
  Artistic education
  Chamber music and lieder accompaniment
  Opera, lieder and oratorio
  Choral and orchestral conducting
  Church music
  School teacher training at primary and secondary level
  Instrumental and vocal pedagogy
  Elementary music education
  Music outreach/music management
  Music production (sound engineering)
  Music theory und aural training
  Detmolder Jungstudierenden Institut (DJI - Detmold young students institute)
  Concert examination