Departments of Detmold University of Music

The Hochschule is divided into three Faculties, which form organisational base units. The Faculties have a Dean or alternatively a Deanery (consisting of 2 deans with equal rights) as well as a Faculty Council. The Dean or the Deanship direct the Faculty and represent it within the Hochschule. They are elected by a circle of the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council is responsible for the decision making of the Faculty affairs, which are not the responsibility of the Dean or Deanship or any other jurisdiction. The Faculty Council consists of representatives of the following groups: 5 Professors, 2 academic staff and 2 students.

You will find the Faculties in the building of the Hochschule Administration:

Willi-Hofmann-Straße 5
32756 Detmold

Your way to the administration building via Google Map.