Center for Musician`s Health

Physical and psychological wellbeing are the prerequisites for an evolvement of musical skills and for meeting the challenges of everyday life as a professional musician.


Therefore, the Center for Musician`s Health at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold is dedicated to:

  • Preventing physical and psychological disorders
  • Strengthening individual resources
  • Offering medical care for individuals suffering from performance related health problems and psychological strain

We thus try to support our students` personal growth and musical development.

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Our Concept

Offering a wide range of seminars, courses and counseling, the Hochschule für Musik does not only emphasize general health promotion but also aims at a musical education based on physiological principles and at stimulating the students` individual strengths.


Our goals are effective measures of prevention as well as supporting an improvement of performance.


In our courses and seminars students can train coordination, body awareness and endurance as well as coping with stress, psychological strain and musical performance anxiety.


The program is based on scientific standards established in musicians` medicine, sports medicine, and physiotherapy, and it is well adjusted to the particular needs of instrumentalists and singers. Holistic oriented body techniques, movement methods, approved relaxation techniques, and classes for improvement of stage appearance are included as well.


For students of the Detmold Centre for highly talented young musicians (DJI) we offer a separate curriculum comprising workshops and seminars appropriate for these young musicians.


The Musician`s Health program is free of charge for the students of the Hochschule für Musik Detmold.

(Except for a low fee for individual lessons in Alexander-technique and for ZUMBA-Fitness)

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Our Program for the Winter Term 2014-15



Seminars & Practical Courses:

  • Musikphysiology - Aspects of Musicians`s Health
  • Stress, Performance & Relaxation
  • Physiology of the Voice 1
  • Phoniatrics for Singers (Physiology of the Voice 2).


Body- and Movement Techniques - Functional Breathing

  • YOGA for musicians
  • Feldenkrais Technique
  • Alexander-Technique
  • Tai-Chi - Qi Gong
  • Breathing Techniques for Musicians - Functional Breathing

Performing on Stage:

  • Stage Appearance for instrumental musicians
  • Bodytraining and Performance


Fitness and Sports:



Please register online for your classes following this link:


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Musicians Medicine Consultations

We offer musicians medicine consultations for students and music teachers of the HfM Detmold as well as for other, external musicians.

For members of the HfM Detmold, these consultations are free of charge.

In case of performance-related health problems, music performance anxiety, general strain and questions concerning prevention please contact the Center for Musician`s Health.


Further information and appointments:

Prof. Dr. M. Schuppert


Ph: +49 5231 - 3077364 or +49 561 - 7018277



Mrs. G. Depner, management


Ph: +49 5231 - 3051259

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Comlimentary psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic counseling as well es psychologic service is avaliable for students of the Hochschule für Musik Detmold.

Please refer to the Center for Musician`s Health

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Lecturers, Physicians, and Therapists

The Center for Musician`s Health is organized by

Prof. Maria Schuppert, MD.

She teaches musician`s health and also offers specific musicians'` medicine consultations for musicians suffering from playing-related medical problems or music performance anxiety. A team of colleagues work very closely together with her in order to provide the broad variety of seminars, practical courses and sports:



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Organisation and Registration

For further information on Musician`s Health please contact:


Prof. Maria Schuppert, MD

Center for Musician`s Health

Hochschule für Musik Detmold

Neustadt 22

32756 Detmold, Germany

Ph: +49  5231 - 30 77 364


office in Kassel, Germany:

Ph: +49 561 - 701 82 77

Fax: +49 561 - 701 82 76




Mrs. G. Depner

Ph: +49 5231 - 30 51 259



Registration for classes:

Please register online for your classes following this link:

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